Forced Cold Restart on HPLC

Sometimes you might get strange errors on the HPLC modules.  This trick is called the forced cold restart, or factory reset.  Basically clears errors and resets set points on the module to the factory settings.  This is useful for strange oddball errors that may appear on the HPLC.  This works on many of the 1100 up to the 1260 modules.  On the back of the module, you will see a row of white dip switches, usually with the label CONFIG.  These switches are 1-8 starting from the left.

Take note of the exact arrangement of the switches currently, so that you can revert them back to the way they were when you are finished.  Turn off the module.  Make switches 1,2, and 8 up, and every other switch down.  Turn on the module for a few seconds, then turn it off.  Return switches to the original configuration.  Forced cold restart complete.

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