Clear GC local memory (6890,7890)

Sometimes the method stored on the actual GC, not the software, can become corrupt.  It may cause you to see strange, nonsensical errors.  In this case you may need to clear the local memory, and reset the GC to the default settings, while preserving the ip address and the configured inlets and detectors (things configured as AUX may need to be reconfigured).

To reset the memory, turn off the GC.  Hold the Clear button, turn on the GC while still holding the Clear button.  Continue to hold the clear button until the GC powers on completely.  Memory reset complete.

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  1. Unbelievable how your company can spend $2750 to send you to 7890 training at Agilent, you can scour through 7890 manuals, come in on a Sunday because the gc won’t get any flow after routinely changing the septum and liner on a Saturday, then I find your site and the answer is right in front of me in a few seconds. Thank you. Hold the “clear” button when you turn on the gc and while it powers on completely.


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